What is our message?

escalier céleste et la croix

What is our message?

We are a group of individuals who have spent over thirty years seeking Bible Truth.
We strictly adhere to the teaching of the Bible in its entirety. After finding many errors, we rewrote the Bible, but in the Hebrew Concept, scrupulously faithful to the TaNaK (name that the bible had before it was called bible).

It has been said, « You shall neither take away nor add anything to this book » (Deut 4: 2; Revelation 22:18)

Yet in translating the original Hebrew versions into Greek, valuable portions were removed and were never restored.

Today’s Bibles are misleading because valuable parts are missing.
We have rewritten the bible and restored the lost precious parts in all their clarity.

We teach the Great Plan of Redemption of the Mashia as never seen and understood before, the only possible way to save Beings.

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