1st Workshop :
The great apostasy

  • Objective: To understand the crucial factor of the Sacred Names.
    Clearly understand the greatest message of the Bible, of the Sacred Biblical Names, and that they cannot be translated.
    Will provide a better understanding of the value of your identity.
La Grande Apostasie
arbre de vie sur la bible

2nd Workshop :
The Mission of « The Assembly of Yeshua Ben Elohim »

  • Objective: To know the Mission of every human being. For every human being, learn, know, and understand this Mission which is the Mission of all humans without exception. Will give the opportunity to discover your mission.
L'alphabet céleste

3rd Workshop :
The Sacred Hebrew Language

  • Objective: : Learn and understand the soul of the Hebrew Language. Each Hebrew letter, as well as each word carries a literal meaning, an inspired meaning, a mystical and occult meaning that will make you meet your deep Celestial Identity

4th Workshop :
The Sacred Scriptures of the Last Days

  • Objective: In these last days, the Bible, with the Sacred Hebrew Names faithfully restored to TaNaK, is restored along with the lost knowledge. Christian bibles have lost the essential of the Celestial Message. You will know how to discern the Truth from everything.
livre ouvert lumière

5th Workshop :
Initiation to ArchaeoLogist

  • Objective: What is ArchaeoLogist based on, and what is its Sacredness for, in relation to the Priesthood, its Authority and its Powers. It is an essential Science to be able to do what without which we could not accomplish anything. This workshop will introduce you to the potential of your Powers
L'archéométrie Céleste
être en progression devant le ciel

6th Workshop :
Comprendre l’Ordonnance de l’Entrée au Temple

  • Objective: To understand what our Heavenly Father taught us to obtain by His Light, by entering His House. There is True Spiritual Progress to be discovered through stages called Ordinances. Like going up a staircase, there are levels… Your life will be transformed.

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