What was lost?

What was lost?

Today’s bibles no longer represent what Prophets have handed down to us from our Heavenly Father!

Why is it essential to restore these clear and precious parts that are essential to our Eternal Salvation?

Let us take a Sacred Hebrew Name which has been lost in the common bibles; אֱלֹוהִים which is pronounced “Elohim”. This Sacred Name is found on just about every page of the Hebrew Bible.

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This Name of our Heavenly Father has been replaced by God, the same name that the pagans used to define their idol, such as the god Malok or Baal.

Let’s go back to the Name “Elohim” אֱלֹוהִים. Before the Hebrew language became a language, this Name belonged to a set of hieroglyphics teaching us who our Heavenly Father is.

Each hieroglyphic Name gives an overarching definition of the Name. This Name gives us a global definition of the “Function” of “He” who bears this Name, for this Name is masculine. But there is also the counterpart of the masculine name, the feminine name, which is pronounced Eloha אֱלוֹהַּ.

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Elohim אֱלֹוהִים: This Name surpasses all the Sacred Names of the Bible. This Name is a hieroglyph that gives a very clear and comprehensive definition of His Function.

To know this Function, we need to understand the six (6) idioms of this Name. There are as many idioms as there are Hebrew Letters in the Name, there are six (6) Letters. Each Hebrew idiom or letter corresponds to a Celestial Archetype.

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Each idiom has been handed down to us by the Biblical Prophets who lived in different places, at different times, sometimes centuries or even millennia apart, hardly knowing each other, under the dictation of the Holy Spirit of Elohim and using the same Names, spreading the same Mysteries, the same Laws, Commandments and Customs, without deviating, without making a mistake, as coming from the same source of Revelation. Many of these Revelations have disappeared from the Greco-Roman bible.

So, about the Name “Elohim” there is a minimum of twenty-five (25) different knowledge teaching us the proper definition of this Sacred Name.

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What does the word God teach us? Nothing but an incomprehensible and incoherent pseudo-mystery. This is what the little catechism taught us when we were young, a God of the same nature as the Greek philosophies.

Knowing Elohim אֱלֹוהִים is crucial  to learning, understanding, and knowing who we are.

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It is written in Bereshit (Genesis, first book of the bible) that human beings have been formed in the Image and Likeness of Elohim.

To know oneself, one must first know Elohim אֱלֹוהִים. And it is impossible to know Elohim אֱלֹוהִים without learning and understanding the definition of His Name. It’s a must.

All this knowledge has been given to us by the Prophets of the Bible.

And, and only and, we had to restore these Revelations in a new version, “The Sacred Scriptures of the Last Days.”

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