The tragic consequence of the loss of the Sacred Names

Mankind is in total ignorance of the Sacred Names that allow us to know our Heavenly Father and other Heavenly Beings that surround us.

To know the Sacred Names is much more than to know their phonetics and the alphabet of these Names themselves. Each of the Sacred Names includes meanings, a message, and an energy from which emanates an abundant source of information about the bearer of those Names: such as Their Functions, Attributes, and Missions.

To know the Sacred Names, yes, but more than to know them, is to learn to analyze and understand them, it is to learn to know the Individuals who bear these Names. Each of the Hebrew Letters that make up a Sacred Name will enlighten us on the apparent Mysteries of the Identity of the One who bears that Name.

Without this knowledge, it is almost impossible to truly meet Them.

We need to go back to what the Scriptures revealed to us in the days of the Ancient Prophets. These Names exude Light and Power and Presence from these Celestial Beings.

… It is in the place chosen by Yeve, your Elohim, to make His Name dwell… then you will rejoice in the Presence of Yeve your Elohim. »

Deuteronomy 12:11-12

“… Obediently keep and put into practice all these commands that I give you, so that you may be happy forever… »

Deuteronomy 12:28

A translation of these Sacred Names causes them to lose all that they bear and renders the Names (replacement) inert, as if sterile and ineffectual, as if their vitalities were taken away from them, and their presence becomes distant. Thus, the Influence and the Powers which they exude over us vanish.

Another disastrous decision was to remove the Sacred Name of our Heavenly Father from the Temple! He then withdrew from it, leaving humans to their degradation and ignorance of the Mission of the Sacred Names. It is the Sacred Names that clearly reveal our Heavenly Origins, our reason for being here on earth, and our Destiny.

Hidden in the Name of Our Heavenly Father are the Mysteries of our origin as human beings. In His Name is also our destiny and the purpose of our lives. He formed human beings in His Image and Likeness. (Genesis 1:26) We should not be surprised that He is a Human, but rather that we are partly like Him, and that we have the opportunity to become like Him, a Celestialized, Perfect, Immortal and Eternal Human Being.

In their ignorance, those who have translated these Sacred Names without knowing their meanings, have unfortunately translated them all by the same word “God,” without distinction of the bearer of That Name. In translation, several Sacred Names were replaced by pagan Greek names of idols. (God, Deus, Dios or Lord etc.)


In fact, several different Names of Beings in the Bible have been translated by the same name “God”, which leads to great confusion in identifying Them and the loss of the clarity of the Sacred Scriptures that these Names brought.

“He who loses his name, loses his Identity!”

Thus, by losing “the Names,” the Scriptures become impossible to comprehend, and consequently leaves mankind in darkness, in relation to the understanding of the Heavenly High Places and full attainable happiness.

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